Field Hockey Stick

Drawing of a Field Hockey Stick showing dimensioned analysis of the length, width and depth

A Field Hockey Stick is used by players to shoot the ball into the goal while playing Field Hockey. Field Hockey Sticks were historically made from hickory, ash, or mulberry wood. Currently, Field Hockey Sticks made from wood are still available, but most are made from composite materials. Typically, a Field Hockey Stick is made out of fiberglass, aramid fiber, and carbon fiber. There are 3 components to a Field Hockey Stick: the head, handle, and splice. Hockey stick heads vary in size. The different types of Field Hockey Sticks include Elite sticks, Advanced sticks, Competitive sticks, and Beginner sticks.

Diagram showing the various Toe Shapes of Field Hockey Sticks

Field Hockey Sticks have a typical length of 35”-38” (89-95 cm), max length of 41” (104.1 cm), width between 4.33”-4.88” (110-124 mm), and diameter of 1.2” (30 mm). The weight of a Field Hockey Stick is between 19-22 oz (538-623 g) with a maximum of 26 oz (737 g).


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4.33”-4.88” | 110-124 mm
1.2” | 30 mm (Diameter)
35”-38” | 89-95 cm; 41” | 104.1 cm (Max)
19-22 oz | 538-623 g; 26 oz | 737 g (Max)

Handle Length: 12”-14 | 30.5-35.6 cm
Materials: Ash wood (traditional), fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite, kevlar



Drawings include:
Field Hockey Stick Elevations (various)

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Field Hockey, which is similar to Ice Hockey, is a team sport where individuals attempt to score on the opposing teams goal. Teams in Field Hockey are comprised of ten players and a goalie, and players use wooden or carbon fibre sticks in order to hit a ball into the opposing teams goal.