Field Hockey Pitch

Top view drawing of a Field Hockey Pitch measured with length and width

A Field Hockey Pitch is the rectangular field of grass or synthetic turf with netted goals on opposing ends regulated for the sport of Field Hockey. A field hockey pitch is similar in size and appearance to a lacrosse field and rugby field, with a few notable differences. A pitch boundary is marked on the turf, and signifies the playable area of the field. Within, three distinct lines including the centerline and two 25-yard lines signify important distances across the field for players. At both ends of the field, there are striking circles marked on the turf which surround the Field Hockey Goals.

Field Hockey Pitchs have an overall length of 100 yards (91.44 m) and width of 60 yards (54.86 m), for a total area of 54,000 ft² (5017 m²). The Striking Circle has a radius of 48’ (14.63 m) measured from the corner of the goal, with a second 5-yard mark 15’ (4.57 m) beyond the circle. The penalty spot is located 21.24' (6.475 m) from the goal, with penalty corner defender's and attacker's marks at 16.32’ (497.5 cm) and 32.73’ (997.5 cm) along the edge from the goal.


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180’ (60 yd) | 54.86 m
300’ (100 yd) | 91.44 m

Striking Circle: 48’ | 14.63 m (radius from goal corner)
5-Yard Mark: 15’ (5 yd) | 4.57 m (from Striking Circle)
23m Line: 75.13’ | 22.9 m
Penalty Spot: 6” | 15 cm (Diameter); 21.24’ | 647.5 cm (from goal)
Penalty Corner Defender’s & Attacker’s Marks: 16.32’ | 497.5 cm; 32.73’ | 997.5 cm
Long Corner Attacker’s Mark: 16.4’ | 5 m; 48’ | 14.63 m
Goal Width: 12’ | 3.66 m
Marks: 1’ | 30 cm
Side Run-off: 6.56’ | 2 m
End Run-off: 9.84’ | 3 m
Field Markings: 3” | 75 mm
Surface Materials: Natural or artificial turf



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Field Hockey Pitch plan


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Field Hockey, which is similar to Ice Hockey, is a team sport where individuals attempt to score on the opposing teams goal. Teams in Field Hockey are comprised of ten players and a goalie, and players use wooden or carbon fibre sticks in order to hit a ball into the opposing teams goal.