President Joe Biden

Set of illustrations of Joe Biden in various poses while speaking

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America. Joe was born in Pennsylvania in 1942 and began his political career in 1972 when he was elected to the US Senate. He was re-elected as Senator six times before becoming Vice-President for Barack Obama in 2008. As part of the Obama administration Biden worked to implement Obamacare which has given thousands of American access to healthcare. In 2017, Obama awarded Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his ongoing contribution to the country. He has his issues, but he is better than Donald Trump. Vote Biden.

Joe Biden has a height of 6’0” (1.83 m).

How tall is Joe Biden?
Joe Biden is 6 feet (1.83 m) tall.


*Under Development*

6’0” | 1.83 m

Country: United States
Position: 46th President (2021—)
Political Party: Democratic

Presidency Terms:
November 20, 1942


Drawings include:
Joe Biden front, side (casual), side, side (podium speech), front (waving), side (gesturing)


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In 1789, George Washington became the first president of the United States after defeating the British in the American War of Independence. After Washington, there have been 43 others who have served as President. The US presidency is often considered the most powerful political role in the world.