Reed Grass

Drawings of multiple heights of Reed Grass with dimensions

Reed Grass is a feathered vertical ornamental grass that is typically planted in clusters for a strong vertical effect. Found natively in wet soils but adaptable to drier conditions, Reed Grass should be watered weekly in order to establish an extensive root system.

Reed Grass grows to heights between 36”-60” (91-152 cm) tall during the blooming period from late spring to summer.

What is Reed Grass?
Reed Grass is a feathered vertical ornamental grass that is often planted in clusters to create a strong vertical effect.
How tall does Reed Grass grow?
Reed Grass grows between 36”-60” | 91.4-152.4 cm tall.
How much water does Reed Grass need?
Reed Grass should be watered regularly on a weekly schedule and thrives in rich moist soils.


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Height (Mature): 36”-60” | 91.4-152.4 cm
Bloom: Late spring to summer
Flower Color: Red
Care: Water weekly; moist soils; full sun
Scientific name: Calamagrostis acutiflora



Drawings include:
Reed Grass elevation (multiple)

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Grasses are herbaceous plants characterized by long narrow leaves with hollow stems. Growing naturally in grasslands or cultivated for lawns or pastures, grasses provide an important source for many animals. Of the total land area of the Earth, 40.5% of the surface is comprised of grasslands.

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