Ski Poles

Drawing of a Ski Poles showing dimensioned analysis of the length, width and depth

Ski Poles, also referred to as sticks or stocks, are used by skiers to balance and pull themselves while skiing. Ski Poles are used in Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, and Cross-Country Skiing, but are not used by ski jumpers. Ski Poles have a basket and grip elements. The basket is designed to stop the pole from sinking too deep into the snow and the grip slips over the wrist of the skier. The length and material of Ski Poles depend on the preferences of the skier. The different types of Ski Poles include Racing Poles, Super Giant Slalom Poles, and Nordic Walking Poles.

Series of comparison drawings of various Ski Basket designs from small speed baskets to large powder baskets

Ski Poles have a length of 44”-52” (110-130 cm) and pole diameter of .75” (19.1 mm). The mass of a Ski Pole is between 10.23-13.05 oz (290-370 g).


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.75” | 19.1 mm (Pole)
44”-52” | 110-130 cm
10.23-13.05 oz | 290-370 g

Basket Diameter: 2”-4” | 50.8-101.6 mm
Materials: Carbon fiber, graphite, wood (traditional)

Skier Heights:

5’1”-5’3”: 44” | 110 cm

5’4”-5’6”: 46” | 115 cm

5’7”-5’9”: 48” | 120 cm

5’10”-6’: 50” | 125 cm

6’1”-6’6”: 52” | 130 cm



Drawings include:
Ski Poles Elevations (various)


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Skiing is a competitive and recreational winter sport where individuals balance two long skis on each foot to move downhill. Originally used as a means to travel through snow efficiently, skis now are used for a variety of winter reasons including hunting, sledding, and recreational downhill skiing.