300m Running Track

Dimensioned drawing of a 300m running track with starting scratch lines for 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m races

300m Running Tracks are specialized rubber running surfaces used for Track and Field competitions with lanes designed to be 300m in length from start to finish. An uncommon track size due to running events typically being performed in 100m, 200m, and 400m lengths, 300m Running Tracks are typically found in circumstances where a full 400m track could not be built within a space. To make up for the odd length, 300m Running Tracks have multiple starting locations for completing the various sprint lengths. 300m Running Tracks have an inner radius of 114’2” | 34.8 m, an overall length of 423’9” | 129.16 m, width of 292’5” | 89.12 m, and area of 110,922 ft2 | 10,305 m2. All running tracks have lane widths of 4’ | 1.22 m.

How big is a 300m Running Track?
300m Running Tracks have an overall length 423’9” | 129.16 m, an overall width of 292’5” | 89.12 m, and a total area of roughly 110,922 ft2 | 10,305 m2.
What is the inner radius of a 300m Running Track?
The radius of the inside lane of a 300m Running Track is set at 114’2” | 34.8 m.
Are the lanes on a running track all the same distance?
Because the outer lanes of a Running Track are longer than the inner lanes, starting lines are calculated and staggered so that all runners will complete the same distance by the time they reach the finish line.


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Length (Overall): 423’9” | 129.16 m
Width (Overall): 292’5” | 89.12 m
Area (Overall): 110,922 ft2 | 10,305 m2
Radius (Inner): 114’2” | 34.8 m
Length (Center): 131’4” | 40.04 m
Lane Width: 4’ | 1.22 m
Races: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m



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Track & Field 300m Running Track plan


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