Tyler1 is an internet personality. Born in Missouri in 1995, Tyler1’s real name is Tyler Steinkamp. He is known for his online streaming on Twitch.tv and is ranked one of the best current League of Legends players. League of Legends is a multiplayer battle and strategy game. Steinkamp’s gaming career has been marred by controversy - he was banned from League of Legends for aggressive and toxic behaviour towards other players. The ban was lifted in 2018 and when Steinkamp began playing again his first stream was watched by over 300,000 people. He has expressed that he suffers from video game addiction, which video game creators need to address.

tyler1 has a height of 5’6” (1.68 m).

How tall is tyler1?
tyler1 is 5 foot 6 inches (1.68 m) tall.


*Under Development*

5’6” | 1.68 m
Given Name:
Tyler Steinkamp
March 7, 1995


Drawings include:
tyler1 front, front (looking down), side (flex)

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