Set of dimensioned elevation drawings of the Xbox Series X measured with height, width, and depth

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s upcoming fourth-generation home video game console for the Xbox family of products to be released in late 2020 succeeding Xbox One and competing with other game consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. Its announcement was made in 2019 at the 25th Electronic Entertainment Expo under the codename “Project Scarlett.”

Noticeable features for the Xbox Series X are higher resolution display (8k resolution), reduced load times, real-time ray-tracing, and improved hardware. Microsoft also intends to ensure that the Xbox Series X is compatible with accessories, controllers, and games supported by previous Xbox series (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and streamline games through its online service Xbox Live.

The Xbox Series X has a height of 12.2” (310 mm), width of 6.3” (160 mm), and depth of 6.3” (160 mm).


*Under Development*

12.2” | 310 mm
6.3” | 160 mm
6.3” | 160 mm
Resolution (Max):
7680 × 4320 px


Drawings include:
Xbox Series X front elevation, top

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Video game consoles are household computer devices designed specifically to transmit video signals to a display while allowing the interaction of these images through an assortment of control devices. Game consoles democratized and reimagined the arcade experience within the home.

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