Threading the Needle Pose (Parsva Balasana)

A series of illustrated yoga poses with men performing the Threading the Needle Pose

Threading the Needle Pose is a beginner posture and a great way to release the shoulders. Yogi’s experiencing pain or stiffness in the shoulders can benefit from using Threading the Needle Pose by letting go of tension in the neck and between the shoulder blades as well as stretching out the chest. Threading the Needle Pose is a safe posture for students of all levels. Yogi’s with degenerative disc disorder or knee issues proceed with caution.

Assorted silhouettes of men and women in the Threading the Needle Pose

To do Threading the Needle Pose, begin in tabletop position on the hands and knees. Inhale and lift the right arm up to the sky keeping the hips in alignment. On the next breath, thread the arm in the air under the left armpit while twisting the torso to get the right shoulder on the earth and twisting to rest the back of the head on the floor, palm facing up. Keep the breath smooth and breathe into the stretch. When finished, carefully unwind and repeat on the other side.


*Under Development*

Sanskrit Name:
Parsva Balasana

Drawings include:
Threading the Needle Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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