Bawean Deer

Series of side elevation illustrations of the Bawean Deer

The Bawean Deer (Hyelaphus kuhlii) is a highly endangered species of deer found only on Indonesia's island of Bawean. Bawean Deer are medium brown, with a yellowish fur tint and their skin appears grizzled in close vicinity. On the top of the throat is a light spot and the eye has a ring of light hair.

The eyes of a Bawean Deer are lighter than the ears, and a prominent black line that stretches from the sides of the mouth to the nose reinforces this coloration. Bawean Deer have relatively low legs and (when they stand) the torso is angled to the shoulders from the hump. Males only grew antlers and each antler has three prongs of roughly 10"-19" (25-47 cm) long.

Bawean Deer have standing shoulder heights between 2’2”-2’4” (65-70 cm), head-to-body lengths in the range of 4’-4’7” (122-140 cm), and overall weights of 110-132 lb (50-60 kg). The lifespan of a wild Bawean Deer is roughly 15-20 years.


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2’2”-2’4” | 65-70 cm
4’-4’7” | 122-140 cm
110-132 lb | 50-60 kg
Scientific Name:
Hyelaphus kuhlii
15-20 years


Drawings include:

Bawean Deer side elevation (standing), front (standing)


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Deer are cloven hooved ungulates which range in size from 1.25’-6.5’ (.4-1.9 m) with all species, except for one, having antlers. Deer exist on every continent besides Australia and Antarctica and live and forage for grasses and shrubs in temperate, alpine, wetlands, and grassland environments.