Fallen Angel Pose (Devaduuta Panna Asana)

A series of illustrated yoga poses with men performing the Fallen Angel Pose

Fallen Angel Pose is an advanced posture for the seasoned Yogi. It is a challenging arm balance, twist, and inversion in the category of combined postures. Fallen Angel requires a good amount of arm and hip strength as well as a good sense of balance. Breath is an important part of this pose and the Yogi will want to focus on controlled breathing to maintain focus. This posture should be done with the help of a partner and should be attempted when Yogi’s have a good amount of experience and have mastered the basics.

Assorted silhouettes of men and women in the Fallen Angel Pose

Fallen Angel is a beautiful and elegant posture and when done to the full expression and should be taken slowly getting into the posture as well as coming out. Energetically, Fallen Angel has been known to help with leaving the past behind and moving forward.


*Under Development*

Sanskrit Name:
Devaduuta Panna Asana

Drawings include:
Fallen Angel Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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