Standing Spinal Twist Pose (Katichakrasana)

Multiple yoga poses of men performing the Standing Spinal Twist Pose

Standing Spinal Twist Pose is a beginner standing posture where the Yogi twists to the right or left with the arms up. Standing Spinal Twist can help to relieve constipation, is good for the arm and leg muscles and especially can help Yogi’s with desk jobs! Yogi’s with stomach issues such as hernia, use caution.

Drawings of people performing the Standing Spinal Twist Pose represented in outline silhouettes

To do Standing Spinal Twist Pose, simply stand in Mountain Pose or Tadasana, bring the arms out in front and then twist the torso to the left or right, keeping the lower body still.


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Sanskrit Name:

Drawings include:
Standing Spinal Twist Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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