Pickleball Paddle

Measured illustrations of a Pickleball Paddle dimensioned with overall width, length, and depth

The Pickleball Paddle is necessary to playing the Pickleball sport and is used to strike the Pickleball towards the opposite player. Pickleball paddles were originally made from wood, but are currently constructed from lightweight materials like aluminum and graphite. A Pickleball paddle is smaller than a tennis racket, but is bigger than the standard ping-pong paddle.

Players should consider its weight and grip size when selecting their Pickleball paddle. Each Pickleball paddle has a distinctive feel. Some are designed for power while others are designed to improve control. Pickleball paddles come in a wide variety of colors are able to last for years.

Pickleball Paddles have an overall maximum length of 15.5”-17” (39.37-43.18 cm), width of 7”-8.25” (177.8-209.6 mm), and typical depth of 1.25” (31.8 mm). The length of the handle is 4”-5.5” (101.6-139.7 mm) with a grip circumference between 4”-4.5” (101.6-114.3 mm). The mass of a Pickleball Paddle is 6.5-9.5 oz (185-270 g). The combined width and length of a Pickleball Paddle cannot exceed 24" (61 cm).


*Under Development*

7”-8.25” | 177.8-209.6 mm
1.25” | 31.8 mm
15.5”-17” | 39.37-43.18 cm (Max)
6.5-9.5 oz | 185-270 g

Core Depth: .5”-.625” | 12.7-15.9 mm
Handle Length: 4”-5.5” | 101.6-139.7 mm
Grip Circumference: 4”-4.5” | 101.6-114.3 mm
Materials: Wood, polymer, graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass



Drawings include:
Pickleball Paddle front, side, bottom


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Pickleball is a net sport where individuals use paddles to hit a ball over a net until the ball falls either out of court or is missed. Played on a small court, the perforated polymer ball is served underhanded over a lowered net and is then hit after the first bounce by the opposing team.