Illustrations of a sheep from the side, front, and laying down

Sheep are stocky ruminant mammals of the Ovis genus. Sheep are known for their undercoats of fine wool which has led to them being domesticated for their fleeces. Sheep are seen as fundamental farming animals throughout the world and have a core livestock for many civilizations. A male sheep is referred to as a ram while a female is known as an ewe.

The average Sheep has an overall height of 46.0" (117 cm), withers height of 36.0" (91 cm), and body length of 50.0" (127 cm). A typical Sheep weighs between 80-400 lb (35-180 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 10-12 years.


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46.0" | 117 cm
50.0" | 127 cm
36.0" (3’) | 91 cm
80-400 lbs | 35-180 kg

Uses: Wool fleece, meat, milk

Ovis aries
10-12 years


Drawings include:
Sheep side elevation (standing), front, side (laying down)


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Bovids are one of the largest existing families consisting primarily of cattle, antelopes, gazelles, goats, and sheep. The existence of the Bovidae family has been essential to human prosperity due to their widespread domestication and use as products, such as, milk, leather, meat and more.