General Grievous

General Grievous is a fictional Jedi hunter and military strategist for the Separatist military during the clone wars in the Star Wars movies and their franchise. He is an intimidating figure and his body itself is a weapon, the technology adapting to his needs. Always knowing when to cut his losses, Grievous is willing to run from a fight to save his own skin, a tactic that saves him more than once. General Grievous is known for his iconic skull-like head, and techno-organic figure, as well as his proficiency wielding as many as four lightsabers at once.

General Grievous, voiced by Matthew Wood, is 7 foot 1 inch (2.16 m) tall.


*Under Development*

7’1” | 2.16 m
Matthew Wood
First Appearance:
2005 (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)


Drawings include:
General Grievous front (standing), fighting (front)


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Star Wars is a space-opera media franchise created by George Lucas that is known for its iconic roster of intergalactic characters, the invention of the Jedi order, and the popular lightsaber weapon. Star Wars was first introduced in the 1977 film, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.