Ice Hockey Rink - International

Measured drawing with dimensions of an official International Ice Hockey Rink

International Ice Hockey Rinks are the standard iced-playing field for the sport of Ice Hockey and are used for international competitions, such as the Winter Olympics, and for play throughout Europe. Compared to North American Ice Hockey Rinks, International rinks are larger in width by 13.1’ (4 m).

The rink is divided up by the center line, blue lines, and goal lines. Ice Hockey Rinks feature nine faceoff spots: one center faceoff, four in the neutral zone and four in the end zones. Each side features a goal crease in front of the goal.

International ice hockey rinks measure 200.13’ (61 m) in length, 98.42’ (30 m) in width, and have corner radii of 27.88’ (8.5 m). The total area of an International ice hockey rink is 19,000 ft² (1,765 m²). The blue lines are located 29’ (8.83 m) from center and the goal lines are at 13.1’ (4 m) from the side boards. All faceoff circles have a diameter of 29.5’ (9 m) and spot diameter of 2’ (.6 m) except for the center faceoff which is 1’ (.3 m). The end zone faceoffs are centered at 22’ (6.7 m) from the goal lines and the neutral zone faceoffs are 5’ (1.5 m) from the blue lines. The goal creases in front of the goals are 12’ (3.66 m) diameter.


*Under Development*

11.5’ | 3.5 m (Overall Safety Wall)
98.42’ | 30 m
200.13’ | 61 m

Corner Radius: 27.88’ | 8.5 m
Blue Lines (from center): 29' | 8.83 m
Goal Line (from boards): 13.1’ | 4 m
Goal Crease: 12’ | 3.66 m (Diameter)
Faceoff Spots (Center): 1’ | .3 m
Faceoff Spots: 2’ | .6 m
Faceoff Circles: 29.5’ | 9 m
Faceoff (Neutral Zone from blue line): 5’ | 1.5 m
Faceoff (End Zone from goal line): 22’ | 6.7 m
Referee’s Crease: 19.75’ | 6 m (Diameter)
Surface Materials: Thin layer of ice over level painted concrete subsurface



Drawings include:
International Ice Hockey Rink plan


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Ice hockey is a team sport played on skates in which two teams of six players compete by using sticks to shoot a puck into the opponent’s goal to score points. Games occur within the confines of an ice rink and the sport is known for its fast-paced play and physical high-contact style.