Illustrations of Burmese Cats in various sitting and lying postures drawn from the side elevation

The Burmese cat, originating from Thailand, is a domestic cat breed developed in the United States and Britain. Although the two breeds are not considered separately, the way of breeding this cat by the U.S. and Britain are drastically different in standard. Head and body shape are what sets these two standards apart as the British is slender with a longer muzzle and the American is stockier with a flatter muzzle. Similarity can be found in the Burmese cat’s short, glossy coat, uniform color (with slight gradation), and large innocent eyes. The Burmese cat is social and energetic, maintaining kitten-like play well into adulthood.

Diagram comparing the size of a Burmese cat to a person

The typical Burmese Cat has an overall height of 10.0”-12.0” (25-30 cm) and body length of 15.0”-18.0” (38-46 cm). An average Burmese weighs between 6-14 lb (3-6 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 16-18 years.


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10.0”-12.0” | 25-30 cm
15.0”-18.0” | 38-46 cm
6-14 lb | 3-6 kg
16-18 years


Drawings include:
Burmese Cat side profile (walking), side (sitting), front (sitting), side (lying down, back)

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Cats (Felis catus), often referring to as domestic or house cats, are small carnivorous mammals that are typically domesticated as pets by humans. First kept for the task of hunting mice, cats today remain popular pets because of their companionship. Cat breeds vary by origin, size, and coat types.