Pair of illustrations of a Bulldog standing and sitting in side profile

The Bulldog, also known as the British Bulldog or English Bulldog, is one of the most recognizable dog breeds, due to its stout structure, loose skin, small ears, and distinctive walk. Originally from England, the Bulldog was brought to America with the settlers and remains one of the most popular pet dog breeds. Since World War II, the Bulldog has been a symbol of courage when Winston Churchill was compared to the Bulldog for his defiance of Nazi Germany. Large, but lovable, with a calm and friendly demeanor, the Bulldog acts like a lap dog despite its size.

Set of drawings of Bulldogs in a variety of postures from sitting, standing and laying down

The average Bulldog has an overall height of 15.0”-19.0” (38-48 cm), withers height of 12.0”-16.0” (31-40 cm), and body length of 20.0”-27.0” (51-69 cm). A typical Bulldog weighs between 40-55 lb (18-25 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 8-10 years.


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15.0”-19.0” | 38-48 cm
20.0”-27.0” | 51-69 cm
Withers Height:
12.0”-16.0” | 31-40 cm
40-55 lb | 18-25 kg

Height (Withers): 12”-16” | 31-40 cm
Height (Standing): 15”-19” | 38-48 cm
Length: 20”-27” | 51-69 cm
Weight: 51-55 lb | 23-25 kg

Height (Withers): 12”-16” | 31-40 cm
Height (Standing): 15”-19” | 38-48 cm
Length: 20”-27” | 51-69 cm
Weight: 40-51 lb | 18-23 kg

Breed Size:
8-10 years


Drawings include:
Bulldog side elevation (standing), side (sitting), front (standing), front (sitting), laying down (side)

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Dogs are domesticated mammals of the Carnivora order. Descendants of wolves, dogs are the first animals to have been domesticated by humans. Dogs are bred for particular physical and emotional characteristics and are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’ referring to their high degree of loyalty.

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