Series of illustrations of a Birman Cat viewed sitting from the front and side views

Called the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” the Birman cat is a long-haired domestic breed distinguished by its striking, sapphire blue eyes. In addition to the eyes, a trademark sign of a Birman cat are symmetrical white paws likened to that of gloves. It is a long and heavily-boned cat that can become fairly large. The Birman cat is a color-pointed breed and can develop into a variety of colors: seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, etc. Generally sweet and gentle, the Birman cat is known to be soft-spoken and helpful, often following its owner around hoping for involvement.

Size comparison of a Birman Cat compared to a crouching person

The typical Birman Cat has an overall height of 8.0”-10.0" (20-25 cm) and body length of 15.0”-18.0" (33-46 cm). An average Birman weighs between 10-12 lb (4-5 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 13-15 years.


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8.0”-10.0" | 20-25 cm
15.0”-18.0" | 33-46 cm
10-12 lb | 4-5 kg
13-15 years


Drawings include:
Birman Cat side profile (walking), front (sitting), side (sitting), side (lying down)

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