Norwegian Forest Cat

Drawings of Norwegian Forest Cats in various postures

The Norwegian Forest cat, also known as the Skogcatt, is a semi-longhaired cat native to Norway and originating in North Europe. Its hairy and rugged appearance is the result of its adaptation to a cold climate, having water-shedding hairs, a woolen underbelly, a bushy tail, and tufted paws. The Norwegian Forest cat has a strong build and even stronger claws, known to be an excellent climber. Highly intelligent and generally bursting with energy, the Norwegian Forest cat adjusts well to change all with a friendly demeanor.

Size comparison diagram of a Norwegian Forest Cat compared to a typical person

The typical Norwegian Forest Cat has an overall height of 9.0”-12.0” (23-30 cm) and body length of 12.0”-18.0” (30-46 cm). An average Norwegian Forest Cat weighs between 13-20 lb (6-9 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 14-16 years.


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9.0”-12.0” | 23-30 cm
12.0”-18.0” | 30-46 cm
13-20 lb | 6-9 kg
14-16 years


Drawings include:
Norwegian Forest Cat side profile (walking), side (sitting), front (sitting), side (lying down)

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