Cristiano Ronaldo

Set of illustrations of Cristiano Ronaldo in various football (soccer) poses measured with overall height

Talk about the most famous people in Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s name comes second after Vasco da Gama. Ronaldo is Portugal’s national soccer team captain, besides also playing the forward position for Juventus. He has won over thirty trophies in his entire career including seven league titles, one UEFA European Championship, one UEFA Nations Champions league, five UEFA Champions leagues, five Ballon d’Or, four European Golden boots, and a Silver boot in the Euro 2016. Besides Juventus, Ronaldo has also played for Sporting CP, Man Utd, and Real Madrid. Ronaldo is the most marketed, influential, and charitable athlete in the world.

Series of drawings of Cristiano Ronaldo performing offensive football moves such as a bicycle kick and shooting

Cristiano Ronaldo has a height of 6’2” (1.88 m).

Outline silhouette drawings of Cristiano Ronaldo in assorted football poses
How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo?
Cristiano Ronaldo is 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 m) tall.


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6’2” | 1.88 m

Nationality: Portugal

Years Active: 2002—

February 5, 1985


Drawings include:
Cristiano Ronaldo standing, dribbling, shooting


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Football (EU/International), or soccer (US), is a team sport where points are scored by kicking a ball through a goal. A common game enjoyed and shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world, nearly anyone can participate in the sport because the only equipment required is a ball.