Soccer Ball | Football - Size 5

Drawing of a Size 5 Soccer Ball (Football) showing dimensioned analysis of the diameter and circumference

Footballs (Soccer balls) are the primary piece of equipment for the game of football (soccer). come in a series of successive sizes. The underlying reason for the variety of different soccer ball sizes is for the smooth and safe development of young players as they grow in skill and age. Set by the football federations around the world, using smaller ball sizes for younger players reduces the risk that the ball would hurt them during play.

Matching the appropriate ball size to the age of the player is safer on a players body as they may injure their ligaments and tendons by kicking a larger ball before their body has matured. Compare the various sizes here to help determine which official football (soccer ball) size is right for you.

Series of drawings of the Size 5 Soccer Ball (Football) at assorted angles

Size 5 Soccer Balls (Footballs) have a diameter of 8.6”-9” (22-23 cm) and circumference of 27”-28” (68-70 cm). The mass of a Size 5 Soccer Ball is between 14-16 oz (400-450 g) with a pressure between 8.5-15.6 psi (58.6-107.6 kPa).

Size comparison of all the various sized Footballs for different age groups


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8.6”-9” | 22-23 cm (Diameter)
14-16 oz | 400-450 g

Circumference: 27”-28” | 68-70 cm
Pressure: 8.5-15.6 psi | 58.6-107.6 kPa

Size 5 (Adult):
 Ages 13+
Size 4 (Youth):
 Ages 8-12
Size 3 (Junior):
 8 and under
Size 2 (Mini-Ball/Skills Ball):
 4 and under
Size 1 (Mini-Ball/Skills Ball):
 All ages

Materials: Synthetic leather; rubber bladder



Drawings include:
Football | Soccer Ball Size 5 elevations (various)


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Football (EU/International), or soccer (US), is a team sport where points are scored by kicking a ball through a goal. A common game enjoyed and shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world, nearly anyone can participate in the sport because the only equipment required is a ball.