Grizzly Bear

Pair of illustrated side elevation drawings of the Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear (Ursus Arctos Horribilis) is a subspecies of the brown bear with a large population. The Grizzly Bear came from Europe and Asia, but can only be found today in North America and Canada. The Grizzly Bear has brown fur throughout its body, but golden and grey fur is on the back of its body and gives it a squatting look. The diet of Grizzly Bears contains fish (primarily salmon), moose, bison, and black bear while also including seeds, fruit, and a variety of leaves. Due to ruthless widespread hunting, the numbers of wild Grizzly Bears have decreased dramatically in the 1970s and 1980s. However, it has increased recently because of certain laws on bear-hunting.

Series of elevation illustrations of the Grizzly Bear in a range of postures

Male Grizzly Bears have a shoulder height between 3’6”-4’6” (1.07-1.37 m) and a weight in the range of 400-800 lb (181-363 kg). The shoulder heights of females are between 3’-3’8” (.91-1.12 m) with weights from 300-400 lb (136-181 kg). The Grizzly Bear has an overall body length of roughly 5’6”-8’ (1.68-2.44 m), standing height of 8’-9’9” (2.5-3 m), and a typical lifespan of 20-25 years in the wild or up to 45 years when protected in captivity.


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3’-4’6” | .91-1.37 m
5’6”-8’ | 1.68-2.44 m
Standing Height:
8’-9’9” | 2.5-3 m
300-800 lb | 136-363 kg


Height (Shoulder): 3’6”-4’6” | 1.07-1.37 m

Length: 7’-8’ | 2.13-2.44 m

Weight: 400-800 lb | 181-363 kg

Height (Shoulder): 3’-3’8” | .91-1.12 m

Length: 5’6”-6’6” | 1.7-1.98 m

Weight: 300-400 lb | 136-181 kg

Scientific Name:
Ursus arctos horribilis
20-25 years (wild); up to 45 years (captivity)


Drawings include:

Grizzly Bear side elevation (standing), front (standing), front (standing upright), side (sitting), side (lying down)


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Bears, of the family Ursidae, are large carnivorous mammals that live in a wide variety of habitats primarily throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Existing since prehistoric times, bears share characteristics such as large bodies, shaggy hair, clawed paws, stocky legs, and long snouts.