Giant Panda Bear

Collection of drawings of a Giant Panda Bear in various resting positions of sitting or laying down

The Giant Panda, also known simply as panda or panda bear, is a peaceful creature with a distinctive black and white coat which resides primarily in the mountains of Western China. Due to deforestation and habitat loss, the Giant Panda is a conservation reliant species, although as of 2016 the Giant Panda moved from the endangered list to the vulnerable list. Even though the Giant Panda belongs to the Carnivora order, its diet (26 to 84 pounds of food daily) is 99% comprised of bamboo shoots. Despite its large size, the Giant Panda is only about the size of a stick of butter, 1/900th of its full size, when it is first born.

Pair of drawings of a Giant Panda standing upright on two legs and standing on four legs

Male Giant Panda Bears have a shoulder height between 2’-3’ (.61-.91 m) and a weight in the range of 185-250 lb (84-114 kg). The shoulder heights of females are between 1’6”-2’6” (46-76 cm) with weights from 150-225 lb (68-102 kg). The Giant Panda Bear has an overall body length of roughly 4’6”-6’ (1.37-1.83 m), standing height of 4’8”-6’ (1.42-1.83 m), and a typical lifespan of 15-25 years in the wild, or 20-30 years in captivity.


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1’6”-3" | .46-.91 m
4’6”-6’ | 1.37-1.83 m
Standing Height:
150-250 lb | 68-114 kg

Height (Shoulder): 2’-3’ | 61-91 cm
Length: 5’-6’ | 152-183 cm
Weight: 175-250 lb | 79-114 kg

Height (Shoulder):
1’6”-2’6” | 46-76 cm
Length: 4’6”-5’6” | 137-168 cm
Weight (Female):
150-225 lb | 68-102 kg

Scientific Name:
Ailuropoda melanoleuca
15-25 (wild); 20-30 years (captivity)


Drawings include:
Giant Panda Bear side elevation (standing), side (woman peace sign), front (standing), front (sitting), back (sitting), side (laying down), side (standing upright)

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