Queen Elizabeth II

Illustrations of Queen Elizabeth II in multiple poses with labeled overall height

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Commonwealth. She is the UK’s longest reigning monarch and the most famous Queen in the world. She lives in Buckingham Palace, in London, but has a few other castles and palaces. The main role of the Queen is to appear at hospital openings and hold big dinners when other heads of state visit. She doesn’t say much about what’s going on, because people wouldn’t like it if she got too involved. She loves corgis. She has had 30 in her lifetime which have all descended from the one she was given on her 18th birthday, a dog named Susan.

Queen Elizabeth II is 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 m) tall.


*Under Development*

64.0" (5’4”) | 1.63 m

Country: United Kingdom
Position: Queen
House: Windsor



Drawings include:
Queen Elizabeth II front, front (royal), front (casual), side (casual walking)

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