Musicians have been part of our culture for thousands of years. A musician writes music or plays instruments, or sings and dances. Each culture has its own particular type of music, written and performed by musicians. Nowadays, musicians are often referred to as part of pop culture. Genres of music including rock, pop, classical, punk, electronic, world, jazz, reggae and hip hop. People can like all sorts of music, but often only listen to one or two genres. Aretha Franklin was an excellent musician, one of the best ever.

How do you become a musician?

Become a musician by practicing as much as you can either by playing an instrument or singing. Take lessons with a professional instructor if you can and join a band or orchestra. Also, study music theory, music education, musical history or music performance as it’ll expand your knowledge. A strong work ethic and skills will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a musician. Try to gain exposure through auditions, recitals or through your school.

How do musicians make money?

Musicians make money from music through various sources. They traditionally make money by recording and writing music, and earn royalties by their music being played by different venues. They also make money by performing that music live and advertising it. Musicians can further make money by producing other artists music. Today musicians can expand their money revenues through merchandise, movies and TV licensing, and fashion and perfume lines.

What are common qualities in a successful musician?

Common qualities of successful musicians include being confident, strong work ethic, and making enough time to practice. Other common qualities include being modest as being a musician does not guarantee becoming rich, patience, creativity, and educating themselves on the current trends and business. Musicians are also persistent, adventurous, are good with budgets, and are friendly with their audiences and fans.


Phantom of the Opera
Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (1909), The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

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