Keanu Reeves is an American actor. He was born in Beirut, in 1964, but was raised in Ontario Canada. He began his acting career as a teenager and moved to Los Angeles to pursue film roles. In 1994 he was cast in the film, Speed, to critical success. In 1999, he starred as Neo in The Matrix, a film about a dystopian world with two realities. It was a box office success and paved the way for two more sequels. Keanu Reeves moved into directing, making his directorial debut with the film, Man of Tai Chi. It was announced in 2019 that he will be reprising his role as Neo in the upcoming and final installment of The Matrix series. He and his current partner have a small publishing company which specialises in publishing artists books.

Keanu Reeves has a height of 6’1” (1.85 m).

How tall is Keanu Reeves?
Keanu Reeves is 6 foot 1 inch (1.85 m) tall.


*Under Development*

6’1” | 1.85 m

Nationality: Canada
Years Active: 1984–Present

Given Name:
Keanu Charles Reeves
September 2, 1964


Drawings include:
Keanu Reeves front (standing), front (walking), walking (side)

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