Video games are computer activity requiring contact with the user interface to produce visual input on a two- or three-dimensional control systems, such as a controller, joysticks, a mouse and keyboard, a virtual reality headset, a monitor, motion sensors, and even phones. Video games have been extremely popular since the 1980s and show no sign of slowing down due to the rapid growth of storytelling, graphics, movement mechanics, load times and cost. Game console companies such as Odyssey, Atari, Dreamcast, SEGA, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all made a huge impact on growing the gaming market and creating loyal fans.

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Nintendo DS Lite
2.9” | 74 mm (Closed); 5.47” | 139 mm (Open)
New Nintendo 3DS
3.17” | 80.6 mm (Closed); 5.89” | 149.5 mm (Open)
Nintendo DS
3.33” | 84.7 mm (Closed); 6.3” | 160 mm (Open)
New Nintendo 3DS XL
3.68” | 93.5 mm (Closed); 6.81” | 173 mm (Open)
Nintendo Switch
.547” | 13.9 mm; 1.13” | 28.7 mm (Total)
Wii U GamePad
1.6” | 40.6 mm; 1.98” | 50.2 mm (Total)