Standard Schnauzer

Pair of side profile drawings of the Standard Schnauzer dog

The Standard Schnauzer, or Mittelschnauzer, is a medium sized dog (falling right between the Miniature and Giant Schnauzer in size) with a distinctive salt and pepper colored coat, snout, and whiskers. The Standard Schnauzer is a working dog that originated from the farms of 14th and 15th century Germany where it was prized for its chasing ability. A highly intelligent and athletic dog, the Standard Schnauzer makes for friendly companion, as well as, an alert watchdog. With its whiskers and wiry eyebrows, the Standard Schnauzer has an extremely expressive face, always letting his owners know what he is thinking.

Collection of drawings of Standard Schnauzers in a range of poses from standing, sitting, and laying down

The average Standard Schnauzer has an overall height of 23.0”-26.0” (58-66 cm), withers height of 18.0”-20.0” (44-50 cm), and body length of 28.0”-31.0” (71-79 cm). A typical Standard Schnauzer weighs between 31-44 lb (14-20 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 13-16 years.


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23.0”-26.0” | 58-66 cm
28.0”-31.0” | 71-79 cm
Withers Height:
18.0”-20.0” | 44-50 cm
31-44 lb | 14-20 kg

Height (Withers):
19”-20” | 47-50 cm
Height (Standing): 25”-26” | 64-66 cm
Length: 30”-31” | 76-79 cm
Weight: 31-44 lb | 14-20 kg

Height (Withers): 18”-19” | 44-47 cm
Height (Standing): 23”-25” | 58-64 cm
Length: 28”-30” | 71-76 cm
Weight: 31-44 lb | 14-20 kg

Breed Size:
13-16 years


Drawings include:
Standard Schnauzer side elevation (standing), side (sitting), front (standing), front (sitting), laying down (side)

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