Great Dane

Collection of drawings of a Great Dane from various sitting and standing poses

Great Danes are a breed of giant German dogs known for their imposing size and weight paired with a sweet and gentle demeanor. Originally bred for the hunting of bears, boars, and deer, the Great Dane today has adapted to domestic life and is comfortable in a variety of environments from large houses to small apartments. With a loving and friendly temperament, the Great Dane is often referred to as the “world’s largest lapdog.” Great Danes have a variety of coat colors from the iconic harlequin and black patterns, to fawn and brindle, and blue coats.

The average Great Dane has an overall height of 42.5"-49.5" (108-126 cm), withers height of 28"-32" (71-81 cm), and body length of 35.5"-43" (90-109 cm). A typical Great Dane weighs between 110-175 lb (50-79 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 7-10 years.

How big is a Great Dane?
Great Danes have standing heights of roughly 44” | 112 cm with males having a withers (shoulder) height of 30"-32" | 76-81 cm and females with a withers height of 28”-30” | 71-76 cm. Males weigh between 140-175 lb | 64-79 kg while females weigh from 110-140 lb | 50-64 kg.
How long does a Great Dane live?
Great Danes have an average life expectancy of 7-10 years.
What is the temperament of a Great Dane?

Despite their imposing size, Great Danes have a loving and friendly temperament that has earned them the nickname, “The World’s Largest Lapdog.”


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42.5"-49.5" | 108-126 cm
35.5"-43" | 90-109 cm
Withers Height:
28"-32" | 71-81 cm
110-175 lb | 50-79 kg

Height (Withers):
30"-32" | 76-81 cm
Height (Standing): 46"-49.5" | 117-126 cm
38.5"-43" | 98-109 cm
Weight: 140-175 lb | 64-79 kg

Height (Withers): 28”-30” | 71-76 cm
Height (Standing): 42.5"-46" | 108-117 cm
35.5"-38.5" | 90-98 cm
Weight: 110-140 lb | 50-64 kg

Color: Fawn & Brindle, Harlequin & Black, Blue
Temperament: Friendly, gentle, adaptable
Uses: Hunting, catch, companion (today)

Breed Size:
7-10 years


Drawings include:
Great Dane side elevation (standing), side (sitting), front (standing), front (sitting), laying down (side)

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