Basset Hound

Pair of illustrations of a Basset Hound standing and sitting in side elevation

The Basset Hound is a short-legged dog with iconic long, velvety ears, and an impressive scenting ability, second only to the Bloodhound. While not the speediest of dogs, Basset Hounds are endurance dogs having originally being bred to track hares. Basset Hounds have a short coat which is generally bi-color (tan and white) or tri-color (tan, white, and black). The Basset Hound is an instantly recognizable dog due to its signature legs, ears, mournful expression and has been a favorite dog worldwide with its charming, loyal, albeit stubborn, personality.

Assortment of drawings of a Basset Hound standing, sitting, and laying down

The average Basset Hound has an overall height of 16.0”-21.0” (41-53 cm), withers (shoulder) height of 11.0”-15.0” (28-38 cm), and body length of 26.0”-35.0” (66-89 cm). A typical Basset Hound weighs between 44-64 lb (20-29 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 10-12 years.


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16.0”-21.0” | 41-53 cm
26.0”-35.0” | 66-89 cm
Withers Height:
11.0”-15.0” | 28-38 cm
44-64 lb | 20-29 kg

Height (Withers): 12”-15” | 30-38 cm
Height (Standing): 17”-21” | 43-53 cm
Length: 28”-35” | 71-89 cm
Weight: 51-64 lb | 23-29 kg

Height (Withers): 11”-14” | 28-36 cm
Height (Standing): 16”-20” | 41-51 cm
Length: 26”-32” | 66-81 cm
Weight: 44-60 lb | 20-27 kg

Breed Size:
10-12 years


Drawings include:
Basset Hound side elevation (standing), side (sitting), front (standing), front (sitting), laying down (side)

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Dogs are domesticated mammals of the Carnivora order. Descendants of wolves, dogs are the first animals to have been domesticated by humans. Dogs are bred for particular physical and emotional characteristics and are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’ referring to their high degree of loyalty.

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