Yorkshire Terrier

Pair of side elevation drawings of the Yorkshire Terrier in standing and seated postures

With a maximum weight of only seven pounds, the Yorkshire Terrier—also known as the Yorkie—is a feisty but deeply loyal member of the toy group of doggos with origins tracing back to 1800s Yorkshire, England. With a floor length, silky, hair-like coat, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred for companionship and prefers the spotlight. The Yorkie is highly expressive and manages to pack in a larger-than-life personality in its petite build, making it better-suited for households without small children. A true urbanite, the Yorkshire Terrier thrives in compact spaces and has an average lifespan of sixteen years.

Assorted drawings of the Yorkshire Terrier in a range of positions including lying down, standing and sitting

Male Yorkshire Terriers have a withers height between 8”-9” (20-23 cm) and a weight in the range of 7-12 lb (3.2-5.4 kg). Female Yorkshire Terriers have a withers height between 7”-8” (18-20 cm) and a weight in the range of 4-7 lb (1.8-3.2 kg). The Yorkshire Terrier has an overall body length of roughly 12”-15.5” (30-39 cm), standing height of 10.5”-13” (27-33 cm), and a typical lifespan of 11-15 years.


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10.5”-13” | 27-33 cm
12”-15.5” | 30-39 cm
Withers Height:
7”-9” | 18-23 cm
4-12 lb | 1.8-5.4 kg

Coat Color: Black, tan, blue, tan

Temperament: Energetic, feisty, affectionate

Breed Size:
11-15 years


Drawings include:

Yorkshire Terrier side elevation (standing), side (sitting), front (standing), front (sitting), side (lying down)

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