Racket Sports | Bat Sports

Racket and bat sports are a collection of game types where the rules of the game are based on how players or teams use specified rackets or bats to score points. These sports primarily differ based on the size of the teams and the style of gameplay from competitive points to each team taking turns at attempting to score.

Racket sports are most common in North America, Britain, and the Republic of Ireland where games are played as either singles or doubles matches with the players enclosed in a court setting. To secure a point, players compete by serving the ball at high speed within the court or against the wall, as was common before net based games became popular. Racket sports are fun sports, but they can be quite dangerous as the game is fast and players risk hitting each other with the ball.

Bat sports also have their roots in England and are played two opposing teams alternating between offensive and defensive roles. The defending team starts the game by throwing the ball to the players on the attacking team. Today, bat sports commonly include games like baseball and cricket are played across various age groups and skill levels in different parts of the world.

Racket & Bat Sports

Squash Ball
1.56”-1.59” | 39.5-40.5 mm (Diameter)
3D model of a Squash Ball viewed in perspective
Tennis Ball
2.575”-2.7” | 6.54-6.86 cm (Diameter)
View of a Tennis Ball in 3D available for download
2.874”-2.972” | 73-75.5 mm (Diameter)
3D model of a Pickleball viewed in perspective
Tennis Net
36” | 91.4 cm (Center); 42” | 106.7 cm (Net Post)
3D model of a Tennis Net viewed in perspective