Goal Sports | Target Sports

Goal sports are games where players from opposing teams attempt to send a ball or object through a goal post or a related sporting structure. In these sports, a goal is the primary method of scoring that awards points or measures the player's performance. Goal sports include football, hockey, rugby, handball, among others and played in different parts of the world by people from different age groups for fun, recreational, and building life skills.

Similarly, target sports are sports where athletes send an object (most often a ball) to a set target that may have obstacles around it. The main aim of target sports is to help the athlete learn about accuracy, speed, and precision as they send an object towards a target set at a distance away. Target sports include golf, darts, marbles, billiards, and other assorted games requiring players to hit a target to score. Today, target sports are often accessible for players with disabilities that can participate while sitting.

Goal & Target Sports

Lacrosse Ball
2.47”-2.55” | 62.7-64.7 mm (Diameter)
Perspective view of a 3D model of a Lacrosse Ball
Field Hockey Ball
2.81”-2.94” | 71.3-74.8 mm (Diameter)
View of a Field Hockey Ball in 3D available for download
Polo Ball
3”-3.5” | 7.6-8.9 cm (Diameter)
View of a Polo Ball in 3D available for download