Feathered Peacock Pose (Pinch Mayurasana)

Multiple yoga poses of men performing the Feathered Peacock Pose

Feathered Peacock Pose is an advanced inversion that strengthens the arms, shoulder, and back and stretches the chest, neck and abdomen. Some preparatory postures to Feathered Peacock Pose include Downward Facing Dog, Cow Face Pose, Reclining Hero Pose and Forward Fold. Yogi’s with back or neck injuries, headache, heart issues, or on that time of the month it is advised to avoid this posture or use a lot of caution.

Collection of outlined drawings of people doing the Feathered Peacock Pose

Feathered Peacock Pose is a challenging arm balance and it can help to use a wall as a prop in the beginning for balance. The final expression of Feathered Peacock is to be completely inverted with the legs straight, forearms on the mat and the palms together. The head will be off the mat with the arms at a 90 degree angle.


*Under Development*

Sanskrit Name:
Pinch Mayurasana

Drawings include:
Feathered Peacock Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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