Archer’s Pose (Akarna Dhanurasana)

Multiple yoga poses of men performing the Archer’s Pose

Archers Pose is an intermediate, seated hip-opener that increases hip flexibility strengthens the arms, shoulders, and legs, and helps to improve core strength. Yogis with shoulder injuries, low back issues, and hamstring injuries use caution or consider avoiding.

Drawings of people performing the Archer’s Pose represented in outline silhouettes

To do Archer’s Pose, begin in Staff Pose and bend the left leg, grabbing the left food and moving the knee to be under the left shoulder, the leg bent to a 90 degree angle. Wrap the first two fingers around the big toe of the left foot, and reach the right hand to the right foot. Check out the photo for a better idea!


*Under Development*

Sanskrit Name:
Akarna Dhanurasana

Drawings include:
Archer’s Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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