Killer Praying Mantis Pose

Illustrated yoga poses of women performing the Killer Praying Mantis Pose

Killer Praying Mantis Pose is an advanced posture that combines a few other poses into one and dives deep into the hips and hamstrings. Postures that can help with achieving Killer Praying Mantis Pose include low lunges, splits, and twists. Yogis with any hip or back issues should use caution and warm up the body thoroughly before going into this posture.

Collection of outlined drawings of people doing the Killer Praying Mantis Pose

To get into Praying Mantis Pose, the Yogi can begin from standing and move to a high lunge. The idea of this posture is to twist towards the bent leg and work the torso underneath with the hands in a prayer position. This can be a tricky one and takes some work to get into!


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Sanskrit Name:

Drawings include:
Killer Praying Mantis Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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